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The birthstones for the 12 months of the year

Birthstones: our birth month is associated with one or more gemstones | Photo: Shutterstock

Every month has its gemstone. Birthstones are symbolic, spiritual, and healing gems that will bring prosperity, health, protection, and luck to all of us. What’s yours?

Twelve birthstones for the twelve months of the year. Every one of us has a unique gemstone. Our birth month is associated with a gemstone or more.

The story of birthstones dates back to the sacred breastplate worn by Aaron, brother of Moses and the first High Priest of the Israelites.

The breastplate had 12 jewels distributed in four rows. The 12 jewels represented the 12 tribes of Israel, and they also corresponded to the 12 months of the Gregorian calendar.

But the use of birthstones is also common in other regions of the world.

Some cultures believe in the healing power of gemstones, so they’ve assigned minerals to the 12 months of the year and to the zodiac signs.

In the 21st century, both the United Kingdom and the United States have their own list of birthstones. They are almost identical; you’ll only notice subtle differences.

Birthstones for the Days of the Week

There are also birthstones for each day of the week:

  • Sunday: Topaz, Diamond;
  • Monday: Pearl, Crystal;
  • Tuesday: Ruby, Emerald;
  • Wednesday: Amethyst, Lodestone;
  • Thursday: Sapphire, Carnelian;
  • Friday: Emerald, Cat’s Eye;
  • Saturday: Turquoise, Diamond;

Birthstones by Month

Now, discover the birthstones by month:

January | Garnet

Garnet: Birthstone for January


Almandine Garnet
Color Change Garnet
Demantoid Garnet
Grossular Garnet
Hydrogrossular Garnet
Malaia Garnet
Mali Garnet
Mandarin Garnet
Pyrope Garnet
Rhodolite Garnet
Spessartite Garnet
Tsavorite Garnet
Uvarovite Garnet

February | Amethyst

Amethyst: Birthstone for February

March | Aquamarine

Aquamarine: Birthstone for March



April | Diamond

Diamond: Birthstone for April

May | Emerald

Emerald: Birthstone for May

June | Pearl

Pearl: Birthstone for June


Calcareous Concretions
Freshwater Pearl
Saltwater Pearl

July | Ruby

Ruby: Birthstone for July

August | Peridot

Peridot: : Birthstone for August



September | Sapphire

Sapphire: Birthstone for September


Color Change Sapphire
Padparadscha Sapphire
Star Sapphire

October | Tourmaline and Opal

Tourmaline: Birthstone for October

Opal: Birthstone for October


ParaĆ­ba Tourmaline

November | Topaz and Citrine

Topaz: Birthstone for November

Citrine: Birthstone for November

December | Tanzanite, Turquoise and Zircon

Tanzanite: Birthstone for December

Turquoise: Birthstone for December

Zircon: Birthstone for December


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