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The best jewelry and gemstone apps

Jewelry apps for smartphones: find the nearest jewelry shop, the perfect ring for your wedding, and antique watches online | Photo: Shutterstock

They’re extremely useful and easy to use. Whether you’re on a smartphone or using a tablet computer, there are dozens of jewelry applications for your mobile devices. We picked the best jewelry and gemstone apps for iOS and Android systems.

How many carats in a gram? What are the 4Cs of diamonds? How do you start making your own jewelry pieces? Where can you find a special jewel?

Today, the answers are in the palm of our hands. Literally.

The list of the world’s best jewelry apps has a wide range of sources, including brands, organizations, and independent publishers.

You’ll find the nearest jewelry shop, the perfect ring for your wedding, and antique watches.

These apps were designed for jewelry industry professionals, watch aficionados, gemstone specialists and, above all, passionate jewelry enthusiasts, that is, consumers.

Download our favorite jewelry applications for smartphones.

4Cs Guide” (iOS and Android) features video and interactive tools that teach you about how the Gemological Institute Of America (GIA) grades color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The app also includes a list of retailers that sell GIA-graded diamonds and have GIA-trained sales associates.

Swarovski Crystal Collection” (iOS) allows you to access specific Swarovski crystals so that you can choose and order. Find the newest seasonal additions, arrange your crystals in groups, and discover the entire product catalog.

Magic of Crystals” (iOS) allows you to quickly access images and information on 92 of the most popular crystals and stones. Find crystals by scanning thumbnails or cover-flow images, watch videos, and build your own database of information.

Tous Jewelry” (iOS and Android) invites you to browse the entire catalog of Tous jewelry, handbags, watches, and accessories with prices based on your location.

iMakeJewelry” (iOS) turns your mobile device into your bench assistant. The app was designed for jewelers and metalsmiths, and it allows you to check precious metal prices, calculate sheet or wire weights, create many different alloys, find ring blank lengths, determine rolled sheet and drawn wire lengths, and much more.

Gemstone Weight Estimator” (iOS) calculates the estimated carat weight of diamonds and gemstones from their measurements. The calculation will use the measurement of the length, width, and depth of the gemstone.

Cartier Bridal” (iOS) invites you to discover Cartier’s stunning collection of engagement rings and wedding bands. Create a custom-made ring by selecting the setting of your choice and then the diamond of your dreams.

EuroWatchCo” (iOS) features European Watch Company’s listings, giving you up-to-date inventory and plenty of pictures of the extensive collection of new, pre-owned, and vintage watches from the most prestigious Swiss and German brands.

Cartier Fine Watchmaking” (iOS and Android) allows you to enter the watchmaker’s universe. The app reveals all secrets: history, expertise, know-how, new creations, and exceptional collections, as well as movements with complications, revealed down to the last detail.

Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder” (iOS and Android) was designed for you to find the ultimate engagement and wedding rings. Determine your ring size and discover why a Tiffany engagement ring is always so special.

Hublotista” (iOS and Android) permits you to activate and register one or more of your Hublot watches with a Hublot warranty card. You can also check your warranty date and some information about your watches.


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