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The Topaz

The Topaz | Photo: Deposit Photos

Topaz is one of the remarkable, eye-catching, and popular gemstones.

The topaz has perfect cleavage with almost no inclusions and is one of the cleanest, clarion-colorless stones ever discovered.

It is 8-to-10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Its stunning colors make it a fantastic gemstone for the jewelry market, and its hardness especially makes topaz suitable for everyday wear.

It is named after the Greek “topazion,” which is called a type of gemstone.

But there is more behind it – “topazion” is an expression from the Sanskrit word “tapaz,” meaning fire.

In jewelry stores, the gem is red, sherry brown, yellow and pink.

Nevertheless, it can be found in a broad color range, including red, pink, green, purple, orange, brown, yellow, blue, and colorless.

Colorless topaz is bountiful. Recently, yellow and orange pieces have also become very popular.

The most famous gem types are Imperial Topaz and Mystic Topaz.

Imperial Topaz is intense orange, pink, red, and the most valuable.

Red and pink gemstones are rare and highly prized when you compare the price with other topaz gems.

Love and Fortune

Topaz was discovered almost 2,500 years ago.

According to the records, the Red Sea’s Zabargad Island was named Topazios. The island is generally known as the place where Cleopatra mined her peridot.

However, no evidence can confirm topaz was mined there at this time.

The semi-precious stone has been hailed as a powerful jewel for ages and is related to love and fortune.

It is one of the gemstones that is mentioned in the Bible.

Topaz is an important jewel in many legends – people have worn it to protect themselves against enemies.

It was a popular talisman throughout history.

For instance, Brazilian Topaz was very sought-after amongst the aristocracy of Europe during the 18th century.

The Ancient Romans wore this jewel as protection from danger and poison. They believed that it would change its color when the threat was near.

It also would bring reconciliation between warring parties.

In India, this alluring gem has been associated with intelligence, beauty, and long life, especially if you wear it over the heart.

Symbol of Luxury

Like many gemstones, it has been used for healing for years, worn for healing and spiritual meanings.

Topaz is believed to also cure rheumatism and is a good companion for chronic pains.

The gem has been worn for protection for many years, but it is also a symbol of luxury.

In the past, people believed that topaz would bring success and abundance and help you implement your plans and hit the targets.

Today, topaz is still mined in several locations around the world.

Brazil, the Ural Mountains in Russia, Madagascar, and Nigeria are the most critical areas for topaz mining.

Like with other gemstones, use only warm water, mild soap, and a piece of soft fabric for cleaning.

This is a critical piece of advice; otherwise, it affects the shiny surface of your precious jewelry.

And with the proper cleaning and protection procedures, your gems will be durable and lustrous.

Topaz | Physical Properties

Color: Colorless, yellow, yellow-orange, blue, violet, green, pink, pink-red
Mohs Scale Hardness: 8
Specific Gravity: 3.5-3.6
Refractive Index: 1.60-1.63
Luster: Vitreous
Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Transparency: Transparent to translucent
Composition: Aluminum Fluoro-Hydroxyl-Silicate


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