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The Astronomia Sky features a three-dimensional sidereal display

Jacob & Co. announced the launch of the Astronomia Sky Celestial Panorama Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon.

The extremely complicated timepiece features a sidereal display in three dimensions combined with an oval sky indicator and a 24-hour day and night display.

The Astronomia Sky is an 18-piece limited edition inspired by the astronomical town clocks. The watch indicates the 12 months on the side of the celestial dial.

The oval sky indicator makes one full rotation in one sidereal day, the time it takes for the Earth to rotate once on its axis: 23.5640916 hours.

In the center of the satellite axis, you will find a lacquered hand-engraved titanium globe that rotates on itself inside a tinted half-domed sapphire, symbolizing night and day.

Rotating around the watch are the four satellite arms, which rotate around the dial every 20 minutes, so when you look at the watch, it will never appear the same.

The Astronomia Sky has two bows and two wheels on the back of the watch, making setting easy.

One bow is for setting the time and the day/night indicator, while the other bow is for winding the mechanical movement. One of the wheels is to set the sidereal time, and the other wheel is used to set the oval sky indicator.

The 47mm case is made with 18-karat rose gold. A remarkable piece of art.


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