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And the official watch of the Premier League is…

TAG Heuer is the first ever Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of the Premier League.

Football, also known as soccer, has millions of fans across the globe. And the Premier League reaches over 730 million households in 185 countries. It is considered the most watched continuous annual sporting event on Earth.

The agreement between England’s ultimate football club championship and the Swiss watch brand defines that referees will sport the new TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch and that the TAG Heuer logo is visible on all of the fourth official’s boards.

“Our partnership with the Premier League seals the important and strong involvement in football of TAG Heuer. It will be key in the promotion of our brand and its football activities in Asia and in the whole world,” notes Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer.

The watch company is already the Official Timekeeper for the German Bundesliga, MLS (Major Soccer League) in the USA, the 2016 Copa America, the Chinese Football Association Super League, and the Australian National Football team.

The Premier League features 20 professional football clubs. All teams play 38 matches per season from August to May. The average stadium occupancy is 95.9 percent. Manchester United has won the Premier League Since 13 times since the Premier League was founded in 1992.


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