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A pocket watch series featuring the Chinese zodiac

Maîtres du Temps has launched a series of pocket watches representing the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. Meet the brand’s “Fine Arts” chapter.

Go east. The watch company founded by Steven Holtzman traveled to the Far East to find inspiration for their latest horological creation. As a result, the Chinese cultural traditions and decorative arts gave birth to a unique set of pocket watches.

Holtzman believes “culture is like a bridge, one that connects the disparate elements of a civilization,” and so he blended Asian art with European mechanics.

Each timepiece is presented in an 18-karat red gold case and features a dial with a miniature hand painted on white onyx by poet and painter Fan Zeng.

“It is an honor and privilege for Maîtres du Temps to work with Mr. Fan Zeng, as he is the epitome of everything our brand represents,” added Steven Holtzman.

The pocket watch only displays the hours and the minutes, but its back reveals a power reserve indicator and a one-minute tourbillon.

Fine Arts by Maîtres du Temps: blending the Asian art with the European mechanics


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