February 20, 2016 | Jewelry
Jewelry armoires: protect and organize your jewelry pieces | Photo: Powell

Protect and organize your jewelry pieces. Discover why investing in a jewelry armoire is the best way of enjoying your favorite gems while protecting them from light, humidity, cold, heat, and dust.

A jewelry armoire is more than a large jewelry box. The finest wooden armoires are authentic works of art. And if you store properly, why shouldn't you preserve your personal ornaments?

Jewels, gems, and precious stones are private treasures, and they deserve to be kept in special armoires. There are wonderful and richly-crafted jewelry armoires. More than a matter of safety, jewelry armoires often express the personal taste of its owner, as well as what's inside.

Jewelry armoires: models by Hooker Furniture (left) and Darby's Big Furniture (right)

Fortunately, there are jewelry armoires for all tastes. Antique, modern, retro or contemporary models may be placed in a bedroom or a walk-in closet. High-end jewelry armoires are designed with the best woods and metals.

All styles, shapes, and sizes transform a jewelry armoire into a great stand alone furniture piece. However, before buying the trendiest model, make sure to keep in mind a few rules of thumb.

The size of the jewelry armoire should always be considered. Is your jewelry collection considerably large? Do you plan to buy more jewelry in the short term? If so, you need multiple compartments, drawers, and enough space for the different type of jewelry - rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, etc.

The most common jewelry armoires are expertly crafted from hardwoods or fine exotic woods. Their interior is carefully designed to receive your fragile pieces. Remember that armoires for gems will occupy space in your bedroom or dressing room.

Eventually, you will need to adapt the new object to the environment; style and security extras should not be forgotten, but design, wood type (maple, pine, cherry wood or oak), overall lines, hidden compartments, and locks are relevant issues, too.

Wall-mounted armoires, cheval mirror armoires, locking jewelry armoires, and jewelry cabinets are the most frequent choices. Additionally, you can always customize your preferences by selecting wood finishing and general style.

Jewelry armoires: models by Powell (left) and Oriental Furniture (right)

Finally, bear in mind that high capacity jewelry furniture should also be kept away from the sun and humidity. Ready for selecting the right armoire for your jewelry pieces? Visit two or three stores before making a final decision.

Jewelry Armoires |Details and Features

Type: Free Standing, Wall Mounted
Wood: Maple, Pine, Cherry Wood, Oak
Style: French, Asian, Traditional, Art Deco, Antique, Modern, Retro, Contemporary
Extras: Finish, Illumination, Mirror, Locking, Side Doors, Hidden Drawers, Shelves, Felt-Lined Interior, Weight, Height