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The first jewelry collection using lab-grown diamonds by Madestones

“The Promise of Created Elegance” was created by You Fine Jewellery using man-made diamonds by Madestones.

The new jewelry collection includes drop earrings, bangles, stack rings, and pendants with artificial diamonds in hues of yellow, pink, blue, and cognac in 18-karat Fairtrade rose, yellow and white gold from the Peruvian mines.

Madestones produces lab-grown diamonds which have the same optical, physical, and chemical characteristics as mined diamonds. Their only difference is the point of origin.

“We wanted to be honest and have full disclosure and transparency with the products we are using, be it the metal or also the diamonds. With the lab-grown diamonds, we have the possibility of working with really exciting and fantastic colors that haven’t been readily available on the market, in natural, before,” explains Judith Lockwood, the managing director of You Fine Jewellery.

“It opens the possibility to every single woman to own something really special. There’s still a rarity to these diamonds. We promise that every single diamond is unique. The designs that we’ve come up with are modern, contemporary, fresh, and different.”

“The Promise of Created Elegance” collection featuring Madestones was designed by British craftswoman Sarah Jordan.

The Promise of Created Elegance

The Promise of Created Elegance

The Promise of Created Elegance


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