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Swarovski presents the “Sea of Sparkle” 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

Miranda Kerr is the star of Swarovski’s 2016 Spring/Summer Collection.

The Australian model, 33, is the face of the new selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches, in which purple, violet, and light blue tones dominate.

“Summertime just really makes me feel like wearing bright colors. I love this color combination in this Eminence necklace. This necklace adds a little sparkle and kind of brightens up any look,” says Miranda Kerr.

“I am really into bracelets, like stacking bracelets. I have so much fun with this kind of trend. This little Slake Dot bracelet and this Stardust Twist bracelet really look good together when you stack them, and you play with the colors.”

Swarovski’s “Sea of Sparkle” borrows shape, form, and features from the underwater kingdom, which teems with life just below its surface, and it was designed by Nathalie Colin.

“The Sea is a wholly organic and endless source of beauty and the perfect inspiration for our new collection. As well as celebrating the beauty of nature, every piece offers a sophisticated, feminine elegance,” notes Colin.


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