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Pamela Love publishes her “Muses & Manifestations”

“Pamela Love: Muses & Manifestations” shows the jewelry designer’s work and ethos in a creative, raw, and spiritual way.

The new book, presented as a “personally curated monograph,” allows the reader inside Pamela Love’s unique universe, revealing her inspirations and the whimsical, iconographic world behind her contemporary creations.

Still life compositions of jewelry pieces with objects and ephemera, photographs from Love’s collections, and travel snapshots piece together the volume, evoking influences such as alchemy, astrology, botany, and the textures and materials of Southwest America.

The rustic, artistic, and authentic feel of the photographs matches the spiritual and intuitive character of her creations, which often incorporate traditional tribal patterns from North African and Mexican folk art and medieval European iconography.

The book shows the original art process behind Love’s work, which is influenced by her background: art direction, painting, and cinema.

The designer started making jewelry in 2007 and has since been awarded the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund 2011, the CFDA Lexus Eco Challenge For Sustainable Design 2012, and the CFDA Swarovski Award For Accessory Design winner 2013.

Muses & Manifestations,” written by Pamela Love, with text by Francesco Clemente and an introduction by Ray Siegel, is published by Rizzoli.

Muses & Manifestations: Pamela Love's unique universe


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