February 18, 2016 | Jewelry
Lulo: the biggest diamond ever found in Angola | Photo: Lucapa

The Australian-based company Lucapa discovered the biggest recorded diamond ever found in Angola. It is worth $14.3 million dollars.

The 404.2 carat, top-tier Type IIa D-color diamond was recovered from the Lulo mine, in Angola's Lunda Norte province. The previous record for Angola's largest diamond belonged to the "Angolan Star," a 217.4 carat diamond found in the Luarica mine, in 2007.

The newly discovered "Lulo" is now the 27th largest recorded diamond in the world, and the biggest diamond ever mined by an Australian company.

The Lulo mine has already delivered 114 special-sized diamonds, i.e., weighing 10.8 carats or more. And it is the fourth time, Lucapa mines a diamond over 100 carats in Lulo.

"We have always emphasized the very special nature of the Lulo diamond field and this recovery - together with the other 100 carat-plus diamonds recovered this year alone - is further evidence of that," noted Stephen Wetherall, CEO at Lucapa.

"And while we continue mining these exceptional alluvial gems from mining blocks 6 and 8 at Lulo, we are also continuing to advance our systematic exploration program to find the kimberlite source of these diamonds."

The previous largest diamond mined at Lulo weighed 133.4 carats.