January 9, 2016 | Jewelry
Cullinan Diamond Mine: open since 1903 | Photo: Petra Diamonds

The Cullinan Diamond Mine, previously known as Premier Mine, is a famous diamond mine located in Cullinan, 40 kilometers east of Pretoria, in South Africa.

The facility was established in 1903 and, since then, it has delivered more than 750 stones greater than 100 carats, and a quarter of the planet's diamonds weighing more than 400 carats.

The world's largest rough gem-quality diamond - the Cullinan Diamond - was mined here on the 26th January 1905. Its original weight was of 3,106.75 carats.

The Cullinan Diamond Mine occupies a total area of 32 hectares. It is owned by Petra Diamonds (74 percent), Thembinkosi Mining Investments (14 percent), and Itumeleng Petra Diamonds Employee Share Trust (12 percent).

The depth of the current mining is of 747 meters, and it should be delivering high-quality gemstones, at least, until 2060. The Cullinan Diamond Mine uses the block cave mining methods.

The most notable discoveries include:

The Golden Jubilee Diamond (755 carats rough)
The De Beers Centenary (599 carats rough)
The Niarchos (426 carats rough)
The Premier Rose (353 carats rough)
The Taylor-Burton Diamond (69 carats polished)
The Blue Moon (12 carats polished)
The Star of Josephine (7 carats polished)

The total resources of the Cullinan Diamond Mine are of 195.4 million carats. Since 1993, the Premier Diamond Tours guides visitors into the heart of South Africa's premier diamond mine.