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Are you “Crazy About Tiffany’s”?

The unforgettable signature blue box with the white ribbon is at the heart of “Crazy About Tiffany’s,” a documentary about America’s first iconic brand.

The movie captures the essence of Tiffany & Co. How could a simple jewelry store transform itself into a symbol of pop culture across the globe?

“Crazy About Tiffany’s” is an authorized look into the world of dreams, sparkling gems, and timeless sophistication. Directed by independent filmmaker Matthew Miele, it will reveal how a jewelry company became an international obsession.

Viewers are invited to enter a journey from the moment each jewel is conceived by the first female Tiffany Design Director, Francesca Amfitheatrof, to the Tiffany-designed trophy hoisted at the Super Bowl and to the jewel-adorned Oscar red carpet in Hollywood.

“Crazy About Tiffany’s” showcases the history of the Tiffany family, the secrets of the Tiffany Yellow Diamond, and a few of the brand’s jewelry craft techniques.

The documentary features Jessica Biel, Baz Luhrman, Katie Couric, and Rachel Zoe. It will be available on demand and in multiple theaters across the United States.


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