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5 stylish dresses and jewelry for summer 2017

June marks the end of spring and the arrival of the first summer days. We paired five beautiful jewelry pieces and designer dresses to celebrate the arrival of the new season and get you from spring to summer in the most fashionable way.

Pairing jewelry and clothing isn’t always easy. They should go seamlessly together without overpowering each other, and the combination should look natural, flattering, and effortless. With this in mind, we selected five of our favorite dresses and carefully matched them with pieces we love right now.

Color, shape, and materials play a great deal in creating the perfect outfit for your jewelry. The five looks fit different personalities and contexts and include combinations for all tastes.

Floral and Chunky

Freida Rothman Necklace | Saint Laurent Dress

Freida Rothman’s Embellished Link Love Knot Medallion Necklace from the designer’s Gramercy Collection perfectly offsets this floral Saint Laurent dress. The chunky vermeil piece brings some added interest and irreverence to the urban, effortless feel of the dress.

Buy: Freida Rothman Necklace | Saint Laurent Dress

Pink on Pink

Suzanne Kalan Ring | Valentino Dress

An elegant, soft pink ruffled Valentino dress is all you need to feel beautiful and feminine instantly. The minimalism and perfect structure of the dress create the ideal background for this bright and exquisite “Vitrine” Rose de France ring by Suzanne Kalan.

Buy: Suzanne Kalan Ring | Valentino Dress

Prints and Pearls

Tara Earrings | Marni Dress

The bold print of this beautiful Marni cotton, linen, and silk dress calls for a naturally textured piece of jewelry. We think these silver pearl earrings by Tara add to the organic motifs and sporty look of the dress without being too loud. The dress also contrasts with the edgy shape of the earrings and the soft texture of the pearl in an elegant way.

Buy: Tara Earrings | Marni Dress

Long and Stacked

Gurhan Ring | Kenzo Dress

Yes, we are all about florals for summer. This long shirt dress by Kenzo is both strong and soft, calling for equally delicate but eye-catching jewelry. The silk dress is the perfect excuse to display these beautiful, rough, and smooth stacking gold rings by Gurhan.

Buy: Gurhan Ring | Kenzo Dress

Fruity and Glossy

MPH Bracelet | Dolce & Gabbana

This girly and fun dress by Dolce & Gabbana is the ultimate summer dress. It is a statement on its own, so you should embrace it and pair it with an also special and unique jewel. We think this dress is meant for this one-of-a-kind Oval Jadeite Jade Bangle by MPH-jewelry.

The hue of the bracelet compliments the colors of the dress, and its thickness and glossiness allow it to stand out in the right proportion to the volume of the garment.

Buy: MPH Bracelet | Dolce & Gabbana Dress

What will you be wearing this summer?


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