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Mikimoto: a jewelry company founded in 1893

Over a century ago, Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in creating the world’s first cultured pearl. His quest for perfection and his love for these pure, lustrous gems of the sea were the guiding forces that built the house of Mikimoto.

The skill of a scientist and the soul of an artist combined to create the genius of Kokichi Mikimoto, the inventor of cultured pearls.

A visionary on a quest for beauty, it was his dream to “adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls.”

Since his company’s founding in 1893, elegant women worldwide have been entranced by cultured pearls – mysterious gems of the sea.

Today, Mikimoto is the foremost producer of the finest quality cultured pearls and a world leader in the design of exceptional jewelry.

The Mikimoto name is synonymous with superior quality at every stage, from the selection of finest materials to expert workmanship to our customer service commitment.

Each beautiful piece reflects supreme dedication, passion, and care. For today’s connoisseur of fine jewelry, Mikimoto combines timeless elegance with sophisticated, modern design.

To own Mikimoto is a unique and luxurious pleasure.

To wear Mikimoto is to reflect the purity of the ocean, the mystery of creation. And to know you are adorned with the finest cultured pearls in the world.

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