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The Jeweler’s Directory of Gemstones

The Jeweler's Directory of Gemstones

Author: Judith Crowe
Hardcover: 176 pages
Publisher: Firefly Books
Language: English

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“The Jeweler’s Directory of Gemstones” is a comprehensive book about the gem world.

The author provides any reader with the insider knowledge needed to make accurate judgments of gemstones, recognize low and high-quality stones, and make a good buy rather than a bad one.

Discover the gemstone groups, sources, and grading, appraising, cutting and faceting, traditional and modern settings, spotting synthetic and fake gemstones. The book is packed with concise text, annotated drawings, and beautiful photographs, including a showcase of virtuoso jewelry designs.

Know how to use a loupe to study gems, understand laser cutting and carving, learn how to clean and store stones, and understand the principles of jewelry buying at gem fairs and from dealers.