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Rocks and Minerals: The Definitive Visual Guide

Rocks and Minerals: The Definitive Visual Guide

Author: Ronald Bonewitz
Hardcover: 360 pages
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
Language: English

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This is a definitive compact guide to rocks, minerals, crystals, and gemstones – for every rockhound and budding gemologist.

From primeval origins to their astonishing modern-day uses and appeal, this is the ultimate portrait of Earth’s buried treasures – rocks, minerals, crystals, and gems – produced in association with the Smithsonian Institution.

Learn how to identify more than 450 rock and mineral specimens through stunning photographs and detailed characteristics.

Discover more about your finds through folklore and historical artifacts, and find out the fascinating stories behind the world’s natural treasures, from the Hope diamond to the Great Mogul emerald.

Plus, pick up practical advice on rock and mineral collecting, including how to cut, polish, and display your finds.