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Gemstone Settings

Author: Anastasia Young
Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Interweave
Language: English

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“Gemstone Settings” is the most in-depth, technical guide to stone setting.

Jewelry makers will enjoy an encyclopedic overview, which features an extensive summary of stone-setting and techniques for creating beautiful gemstone jewelry.

From basic bezels and prongs to pavĂ©, carrĂ©, clusters, and numerous others – including cold joins, precious metal clay, settings for fragile stones, and settings that allow the stones to move.

You’ll also discover detailed information about stones and metals, including their suitability, splendid photos and illustrations for visual support, what makes a design wearable and durable, and detailed information on pre-made versus handmade settings.

Learn how to set your most beloved precious, semi-precious, and organic stones with projects that range from elegant diamond masterpieces to earthy pearl or coral everyday favorites.