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Gem Identification Made Easy

Gem Identification Made Easy

Author: Antoinette Matlins, Antonio C. Bonanno
Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: GemStone Press
Language: English

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“Gem Identification Made Easy” is a book that explains in non-technical terms how to identify diamonds and colored gems and how to separate natural gems from imitations, treated stones, synthetics, and look-alikes.

The book’s approach is direct and practical, and its style is easy to understand. In fact, with this highly accessible guide, anyone can begin to master gem identification.

Includes over 150 photographs and more than 80 full-color illustrations.

Using a simple, step-by-step system, the authors explain how to properly use essential but simple instruments to identify stones, what to look for gemstone by gemstone, and how to set up a basic lab at a modest cost.

Three of the instruments are inexpensive, portable pocket tools that, when used together, can identify almost 85% of all precious and popular stones.

The key to avoiding costly mistakes and recognizing profitable opportunities is knowing both what to look for and what to look out for.